Round the clock access to your tuned-in Tarot Reader 

Want this to be the year

you finally change

your life?

Imagine if you had…

Your very own
Tarot Reader on

Instant access
to enlightenment 24 hours a day.

The freedom to call
(or text or email)
your Tarot reader
whenever you needed them
without ever having to schedule,
go to a website, get on the wait list or
tap your feet until they return from their hols.

Immediate fluff-free answers
without being stung by pay-by-the-minute call charges.

A Tarot Reader with whom
you have a
true connection. 
Who “gets you” and
feels like a long-lost friend.

The power to call
your Tarot reader on
public holidays.
Even if she’s away.

The option of calling your
Tarot reader
20+ times a day
at no extra charge.

No need to start from square one
or re-explain your circumstances every single time you have a reading.

No need to book or pay for
a Tarot reading again.

A whole year of clarity
and peace of mind.




your life?

“Words fail to describe the dedication, time and care that you took to give me a life-changing Tarot reading.

This has been an incredible experience having a reading from you.  It’s not often you find a Tarot reader who is as caring.

I honestly feel mentally stronger after this reading and the additional feedback you put into it. There was obviously a lot of heart and insight that went into this undertaking and you have helped me immensely.

 – Kyle Trudel, Ontario, Canada.

Miracles On Demand testimonial

This is an exclusive invitation to have me as your personal, cheerful Tarot Reader on retainer.

{Although in order to guarantee the absolute best of myself and my Tarot skills, I can only accept 3 customers into this service a year}.

How do I apply?

Click the button below to access my
zero obligation application
+ to get on the phone to decide
if we’re a good fit. 🙂 


{Yes, I truly am only taking on 3 clients a year for this service!}




When does it start?

Whenever you want. Either from the day your application is accepted, or on any future date decided by you. It then lasts for a full calendar year.

Can I really call you at any time?

Yes. Even when I’m on holiday! (Except for weekends).* 
Although there may be a delay if I’m asleep… If so, I promise to always call you back within 12 hours – and if I get your answerphone, to leave a message with the Tarot’s answer to any questions. Unless you prefer me not to. We’ll discuss all of this before we begin.

What if I don’t need to call you for a while?

No worries! You can call me as often or as little as you like.
Maybe you won’t need to contact me for a month, but then have some issues and decide to call me six times a day for a week. It’s all good. No rules. 🙂
(Apart from my sacred weekends). 

Your main website’s called Tarot Romance – do the readings have to be about relationships?

Not at all! All Tarot readings can be about anything you wish.

How do I get my Tarot readings?

By calling or emailing me whenever you want. You will have 24 hour access to my private number and email.
{And for those in the UK, an opportunity to join the incredibly awesome GIFFGAFF network and get free calls and texts to me}.

Why can’t I call you at weekends?*

Because I need to recover! And replenish my energy. I’ll be no use to you as your personal Tarot Reader if I burn myself out. 

How much?

This is an exclusive VIP service, so it’s not cheap. And as Miracles on Demand is not for everyone and I only accept an absolute maximum of 3 clients a year to guarantee a top-drawer service, I answer this question fully when you apply. (Though payment plans are available). 

Are you going to tell me what to do?

I’m going to tell you what the Tarot cards advise. What you do with that information is up to you. You always have free will. 🙂 

Do you have Terms & Conditions?

Yes. Click the button below.


Still got questions?

I didn’t know which way to turn with a relationship issue that turned up unexpectedly, so I contacted Alison to see if I could get some clarity and obtain more in-depth insight into what to do.

My tarot reading session with Alison was like a light bulb moment. The reading was completely accurate and offered insight that has enabled me to make a more conscious decision in moving forwards.

Alison is very in tune, works professionally, is empathetic and works with care to help you through the wisdom of the cards. I would recommend Alison when you are in need of spiritual intervention and wanting clarity.

 – Margaret Reynolds, London. UK.

Margaret - Miracles on Demand
Miracles On Demand testimonial

From the minute I connected with Ali I knew I was going to enjoy my tarot reading.

She was fun, positive and answered my questions thoroughly, with not only her knowledge of Tarot but with great intuitive insight, allowing me to clearly see the path ahead.

I felt very comfortable with the decision I made based on her reading and not only would I recommend Ali to others, but I will definitely book a reading with her in the future.

 – Maria Deesy, New York, New York.

Alison’s reading was clear and relatable as well as on point.  She accurately identified my obstacle and I felt empowered by her guidance.

Her upbeat style is a definite plus.

You will come away from your reading with a positive attitude regarding your query and the insight to forge ahead.  I wholeheartedly recommend Alison and will absolutely return to her again!

– Karen Jakubowski, Long Island, New York.

Miracles On Demand testimonial


{This will take you to my no-obligation application, so we can get on the phone and decide if we’re a good fit!}

Who Am I?

Miracles On Demand bio

A Tarot Reader on a mission to put the sparkle back into your life.

You can read all about me here.  🙂

 – Alison WilkieTarot Romance.

Only you will know if this service is right for you.

So if it’s not what you’re wanting right now, that’s totally fine. 

We’re still friends.


 Although you’d be doing me an enormous favour

by forwarding this to anyone you know

whom you think it might interest!


{Yes, I truly am only taking on 3 clients a year for this service!}